Borka Majhi Kisku :: Huka Banam
The Huka Banam belongs to the Banam family but is generally played by the Santals of Purulia only. It is mainly the village elders who know how to play this two-stringed instrument. There is little interest among the younger lot. The interesting feature of this particular Huka Banam is that the artist Borka Majhi (Kisku) has made use of an umbrella stick for its neck. Majhi is a generic for Santal men, just as Mejhan is for women.
Date : January 6, 2015
Location : Namobathan village, Block Raghunathpur I, Purulia, West Bengal
Duration : 1m 12s
Source : Live recording
Copyright : © 2015 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Tribal Instrument, Banam, Santal