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Hul is the Santal rebellion of June 1855 led by the brothers Sidhu, Kanu, Chand and Bhoirab Murmu. The uprising was brutally quelled by British troops at the cost of tens of thousands of Santal lives. The rebellion instilled in the Santals a sense of solidarity and a renewed sense of identity - and led to the formation of the Santal Parganas.The event is commemorated each year by the Santals on June 30. Seen here is a group of Santals from Purulia performing the Lagre dance to a song about Hul on Hul Diwas.
Date : June 30, 2014
Location : Folk & Tribal Cultural Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal
Duration : 6m 43s
Language : Santali
Source : Live recording
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Subject : Santal, Tribal dance, West Bengal