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The Bratachari movement initiated by Gurusaday Dutta in the 1930s aimed at the "simultaneous and harmonious cultivation" of the body and mind of the youth of undivided Bengal thus raising self esteem and national awareness. With this end in view, a comprehensie program of physical and mental pursuits based on the best folk traditions of dance, song etc was developed. Gurusaday Dutt adapted Raibneshe as a model for the physical exercise regimen for Bratachari members. This performance is by the members of the Bengal Bratachari Society at the Uttorongo Festival held at the Gurusaday Museum grounds.
Date : May 2012
Location : Gurusaday Museum, Kolkata, West Bengal
Duration : 5m 10s
Source : Live recording
Copyright : Live recording by Daricha Foundation, reproduced with the consent of Bengal Bratachari Society
Subject : Folk Dance, Martial Dance, Bengal Bratachari Society, Raibneshe