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While the songs for patachitra are usually solo renditions, there are times when a group of patuas get together to sing a song on a patachitra painted by one of them - as a performance. These choruses are referred to as "Poyar" - in no way related to the 14 beat metre of the same name. This performance of the legend of Satya Pir (Shotto Pir) is sung by Monimala Chitrakar, Baharjan Chitrakar (front row , centre and right), Malek Chitrakar and Probir Chitrakar behind them and led by Rani Chitrakar.
Location : Naya, Pingla, Medinipur, West Bengal
Duration : 7m 44 s
Language : Bengali
Source : banglanatak.com
Copyright : banglanatak dot com
Subject : Medinipur, Pater Gaan