Madan Das Boiragyo :: Aaj Notun Ain Aanlen Gora Rai
A passionate singer with a powerful voice and a characteristic sense of wit , the blind Madan ‘Kana` of Phuldanga, Karimpur, Nadia is a respected veteran among the baul-fakirs of Nadia-Murshidabad and a frequent and much sought-after presence in the sadhushongos and melas of this belt. An ashramic baul practitioner with a family, he is also, significantly, a devotee of Kali/Shakti who holds a winter Kali Puja in the Vaishnav tradition in his house every year. In this recording made at a sadhushongo palla session with Biren Das at Akbar Phakir`s majar (mazhar) in Gorbhanga, Nadia, he sings a Lalon song that discusses the radical promise of the Vaishnav revolution that Chaitanya had once ushered into Nadia.
Creator : Lalon
Location : Fazilnagar, Karimpur, Nadia, West Bengal
Duration : 7m 30s
Language : Bengali
Source : Shohoj Gaan & Soumik Datta (notes)
Copyright : Soumik Datta
Subject : Baul-Fakir, Folk Music, Nadia, West Bengal