Bhakta Bhaskar :: The singing Sutradhar
Bhakta Bhaskar is a master wood carver and doll maker from the village of Natungram. In his spare time, he enjoys singing and delights in entertaining people. Bhakta sang this song and many others for us when he visited us. The video is not a documentation of his craft, but gives you an idea of the enchanting, warm hearted, jovial man that he is. The video is part of a series where, due to our inability to visit villages in these Covid times, we have requested the villagers to document on their phone cameras, to the best of their abilities.
Creator : Ratnaboli Bose
Date : January 2021
Location : Natungram & Kolkata, West Bengal
Duration : 1m 43s
Copyright : ©2020 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Natungram, wooden dolls