Baanshinath Dakua :: Kushan - Excerpts from Sitaharan
The Kushan pala or Kushan Gaan is the traditional folk theatre of the Rajbongshis of North Bengal. Kushan theatre is primarily based on the Ramayan and follows a particular style and structure, with the chief performer or Geedal narrating, singing, enacting with the help of his Doari who provides the light relief and is also the interpretor in the local dialect - a bridge between the narrator and the audience. Kushan exponent, Baanshinath Dakua, better known as Baanshi Geedal, gave us a solo demonstration, sans his doari, of the Sitaharan story in the Kushan style - comprising both songs and narration. Some songs explain the story while others are fillers. A short excerpt of his demonstration has been presented here. He is accompanied by the skilled Santosh Dakua on the flute.
Creator : Ratnaboli Bose
Date : October 2015
Location : Chhoto Shalbari, Tufanganj, Cooch Behar, West Bengal
Duration : 5m 51s
Language : Rajbongshi/Bengali
Source : Live recording
Copyright : ©2018 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Kushan, North Bengal, Cooch Behar, Rajbongshi, Geedal