Matal Hansda :: Santal Musician
Matal Hansda, a maverick village elder of Dhagora village, is constantly immersed in his music. He has sung two Sohrai songs in this clip, accompanying himself on the Huka Banam and also played the Paata Bnaashi - a special kind of flute using a leaf. The Sohrai songs he has sung here, though associated with a festival of joy, are tinged with sadness. The first song refers to the anxious wait of a little girl and her mother for the return of a loved one from the fort of Railagarh. The food they have kept ready for him spoils as they wait endlessly , for he will no longer return. The swirling dust they see from a distance, in the vicinity of the fort suggests there is a battle being fought there. Most Sohrai songs are allegorical, usually referring to events that took place a long time ago. The clouds of dust could also refer to the frenetic activity that takes place during the five days of Sohrai. The villagers are so busy with their rituals, music and dance, that their lives are in disarray for the duration of this festival. The 2nd song too refers to some historical incident from times long past. His family accompanies him in this song.
Date : October 2016
Location : Dhagora village, Para, Purulia, West Bengal
Duration : 3m 40s
Language : Santali
Instruments used : Huka Banam, Paata Bnaashi
Source : Live recording
Copyright : ©2018 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Huka Banam, Sohrai, Santal, Purulia