Chunaram Mahato :: Song of the Cowherd
Kurmis or Kurmi Mahatos celebrate the festival of Bandna to express their gratitude to their cattle, which have helped with cultivation and given them milk all year long. Ohira songs are associated with this festival, the Ahir being the cow herd. These are sung through the night, in praise of the cattle and to ward off evil spirits.
Date : October 2016
Location : Tilgora village, Para, Purulia, West Bengal
Duration : 2m 48s
Language : Kurmali
Instruments used : Dhamsha, Madol, flute
Source : Live recording
Copyright : ©2018 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Ohira, Bandna, Kurmi, Kurmi Mahato, Purulia