:: Sohrai Wall Art of the Santals : A Documentation Darich.org
Santal women create the most exquisite art on their mud walls in preparation for their harvest festival, Sohrai. Here are excerpts from the documentation of Sohrai wall art of the Santals put together in a video. The documentation was done by Daricha Foundation under a grant from the Anthropological Survey of India. The camera and post production team comprised Dhritiman Das, Moinak Bose, Saheb Ram Tudu, Ratnaboli Bose and Ronit Biswas. Local support was provided by Bimal Baskey. The original film was later translated to Santali, courtesy Saheb Ram Tudu, who was also the subject matter expert.
Date : October 2016-February 2017
Location : Villages in Raghunathpur subdivision and Hura block, Purulia, West Bengal
Duration : 6m 30s
Language : Bengali
Source : Live recording
Copyright : ©2017 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Sohrai, Santals, Wall Art