Shantanu Patua :: Patachitra of Birbhum
The late Shantanu Patua performing the Gorur Pata, based on the Kapila Mangal story from the Mangal Kavya genre. Shantanu would carry this scroll, worn with use , year after year, along with other scrolls, on his daily visits on foot, to villages within a 10 km radius of his home. The story of the Gorur Pata is is a folk tale about the Kapila cow, the foremost of all cows and beloved of the gods and how she came to be worshipped and attended upon on earth. It was and continues to be popular among the farming communities of rural Bengal for whom the cow is their life source. It used to be particularly requested by householders during certain cattle epidemics. Note the Jom Pata frames at the end of the story that typify the Birbhum patachitra.
Location : Birbhum, West Bengal
Duration : 5m 28s
Language : Bengali
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Subject : patachitra, Poter Gaan, Birbhum