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Tagar Rani Dey, Shitalpati
Dey Pati Factory
Address: Village : Dhaluabari, P.O : Ghugumari
Cooch Behar 736170
West Bengal

Master Craftsperson

Fifty three year old Tagar Rani Dey is the only National Handicrafts awardee in Shitalpati from Cooch Behar. She won the award in 1990 when she was 30 following numerous awards at the district and state level and has not looked back since. 

Tagar learnt the art from her parents and continued weaving through her school days and even after she got married. Her specialization is weaving ultra fine mats, for which she received her first award both at district and state levels when she was in her twenties.  

Within a few years of her receiving her first award, Tagar also mastered the art of weaving motifs into a shitalpati, having trained under the master weaver, the late Narayan Chandra Deb of Ghugumari. Tagar has since also been weaving products other than just mats, like boxes, cases for mobile phones, purses and so on. 

Tagar is the chief trainer in numerous workshops organised by the government in the district. She has taught nearly 400-500 students till date. Thanks to her skills and the recognition she has received, Tagar has established herself quite well and receives regular orders. She is able to sell wholesale and employs anything from 5 to 12 workers depending on the size of the orders. Her son, Sanjib Dey, also a three-time state awardee assists her.