Kirin Byath :: Rhythm of the Dhak
Kirin Byath of Cooch Behar recites rhyming mnemonics in Bengali to illustrate the rhythmic pattern that he is playing on the dhak. While playing a similr role as the Indian classical bols (mnemonic syllables) for tabla or pakhawaj, these are rhymes made up or borrowed from folk verse to define the rhythm. The first line Boro, Chhoto, Dada, Bhai, Pronam is actually meant to convey respect to the audience, young (chhoto) or old (boro).
Date : May 6, 2015
Location : Borodanga, Cooch Behar, West Bengal
Duration : 2m 54s
Instruments used : Dhak
Source : Live recording
Copyright : © 2015 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Folk Instruments, Dhak