Motilal Hansda :: Santal Wedding Song: Dong
Motilal Hansda, an expert in Santali musical traditions sings a Sadri Dong sereng, accompanied by his wife, Kajoli. Sadri is the most popular of the various forms of Dong. This particular song is full of pathos and sung during the course of a wedding, its purpose could well be a bride or groom secretly bidding a "coded" farewell to a former love, the sadness of the song reflecting his or her state of mind. The song itself refers to the recruitment of primarily Santal, Munda and Oraon labour from the Chhotanagpur region by the British for their tea gardens in Assam and North Bengal in the middle of the nineteenth century. With their backs against the wall, thanks to factors like soil erosion, deforestation, many members of these communities grabbed this opportunity in the hope of a better life while many were forcibly recruited. The region became a source of cheap labour for the delighted tea garden owners.
Creator : Ratnaboli Bose
Date : October 2016
Location : Jibanpur, West Bengal
Duration : 2m 59s
Instruments used : Huka Banam
Source : Live recording
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Subject : Santal, Dong, Wedding songs, Purulia