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Gambhir Singh Mura, Chho
Born at Pitikiri Bamni village at the foothills of Ajodhya Hills. His father was Jipa Mura.

Gambhir Singh Mura dedicated his life for spreading the “Chhau” - a traditional ritual dance of Purulia, West Bengal, India. This dance was originally performed during the Bengali New Year (February-March) to celebrate the new harvests. “Chhau” is performed solo or in groups at villages of Purulia district by dancers in elaborate masks and headgear.

Gambhir Singh Mura was awarded the “Padmasree” in 1981 by the Government of India for introducing the world to “Chhau” form of Indian dance. He earned accolades from several countries like England, France, Japan, US etc. Gambhir Singh Mura was a top class exponent of Chhau dance who will remain in the world of fine arts forever.