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Sanatan Das Baul, Baul-Fakir
(1923 - February 28, 2016)

Sanatan Das Thakur Baul was born at Khulna, Bangladesh. His family had embraced the Baul tradition for at least four previous generations, so the young Sanatan was immersed in the culture of Baul dharma, song and dance from an early age. His initiatory guru in the tradition was Nitai Khepa, who introduced him to the Baul sadhana or spiritual practice. Later, the great Monohor Khepa gave him instruction in the intricacies of the music. He lived on a small ashram in Khoirboni, a village in the Bankura district of Bengal, with his wife, Mirabai and an extended family. Many came to him for spiritual guidance in the Baul tradition. He travelled occasionally, communicating the love for and longing for the Beloved (the Man of the Heart, in Baul tradition) through his music. Sanatan was particularly appreciated for his attractive dancing which, like his singing, had more conscious artistry about it than that of most Bauls. He was one of the few Bauls who was occasionally asked to perform on All India Radio Calcutta. (Reference: The Music of the Bauls of Bengal by Charles Capwell)

Sanatan passed away on February 28, 2016.